Canadain Scenery, Fishing, & Wildlife

This is a story of my Canadian fishing trips as best I can recall.  A good group of friends and I from where I worked would take a trip to Canada every year to spend a week fishing and enjoying each others company.

It begins  with a 12 hr road trip to a small lake in Ontario where we caught a flight of about thirty minutes. Upon arrival we transferred all our gear into 12 ft boats and then proceeded another 45 minutes to our destination. Once there we were on our own for seven days of fishing.

The area we fished was beautiful and full of wildlife, moose, bears and all types of fish.  Mainly perch, walleye. and pike. We fished for perch and walleye, while leaving the pike alone.

We transported all our food and needed essentials with us.  We planned for seven days worth of meals and did a menu to cover the needed items, and then made a grocery run and got all our needed supplies.  When we got to Canada we had everything we needed. My one friend is an excellent cook and did so on every trip and no one starved or got food poisoning.

Our typical day started about 5:30 AM when we had breakfast and then proceeded out on the water,  we all took lunch with us and planned on spending all day on the water,  fishing and enjoying the scenery and wildlife.  We were able to watch moose, wolves, bears which was very interesting.  Each year we were able to watch cow moose who had at least one young if not two and they stayed in our area almost the whole week.  The whole time we would be floating on the water and fishing.  We had a slow moving river with lots of deep holes and weed beds and once you found the fish you could make an effort to catch as many as possible.  Then it was back at supper time for a cooked meal before returning to the water for more fishing and then showers and some card playing before bed time.

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