Take Out The Trash

It was the first day while we were in Canada on our fishing trip. After supper I was going to take our trash out to the dump site,  we had a small amount but wanted to take it our every day so as to keep the bears from trying to get it out of the cabin.

The dump was about 150 yards from the cabin.  It was just a hole in the ground surrounded by trees but that was were we put the trash daily.  There was a bear in residence at the site, who kept the trash site clean.  I walked back to it and looked to my left and saw the biggest black bear, I had ever seen.  I forget to leave the trash and hurried back to the cabin.  My friends wanted to know what had happened and I told them I had just seen a huge bear at the trash site.  I was too scared to do anything but get back to the cabin.  So the bear went hungry that night.

We took the trash out the next morning and the bear was still there,  across the site from my friend and I,  and he was shaking a 14 inch tree that was about twenty five feet tall he was moving it 4 to 6 ft in all directions.  I made sure we left the trash and then we went out fishing for the day.  The bear got breakfast that morning.  We saw the bear later that morning swimming the river and guessed his length at least 6 to 8 feet and his weight at 400 to 500 lbs, a big bear!

The dump site was also were we put all the fish guts and heads and stuff after we cleaned the fish we had caught that day. So the bear had a pretty good diet variation.  He also got all our garbage and anything that was left over to eat out there.  Plus he was gone most of the day doing what ever bears do and would be back every evening to clean up what ever we had put out that day.

The bear was always around but never gave us any trouble, he didn’t bother us and we didn’t bother him, so we lived side by side but didn’t bother each other

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